Waxing Prep

Its best to book your appointment a few days before you leave.

  • Ideally “wax twice” before you go 3 weeks apart, so you get most of the hairs at their different growth cycles to the surface and bu3lp63qwaxed away.
  • Before visiting the salon prepare your skin by exfoliating 3 days in advance and moisturizing well for the few days before waxing using a body butter. We love Shea Butter and basic Coconut oil. Ideally do this regime weekly for a few weeks before you go.
  • Exfoliating and moisturizing will get rid of the surface dead skin and allow any small hairs to come to surface easily and be waxed away. You dont want blocked follicles or ingrown hairs that cause little spots on holidays! If your prone to ingrown hairs for a budget topical exfoliator to apply after your treatment to keep dead skin cells from blocking those pores. We love The Ordinarys lactic acid 5% http://theordinary.com. 
  • Do not moisturise on the day of your appointment.
  • Avoid sun, heat treatments, chlorinated water, perfume, deodorant or perfumed creams on the day of waxing.
  • For 24 hours before waxing No: Sunbathing or sunbed treatments.

Aftercare for Waxing

For 24 hours NO

  • Steam room sauna or heat treatments
  • Hot baths, showers, hot water bottles, swimming or jacuzzis
  • Aerobics or vigorous exercise
  • Moisturiser, body lotion, body sprays,
  • Deodorants, perfumes, talc, make up, false tan
  • Tights, leggings or tight jeans
  • Friction of the skin what so ever

The wax we use is Waxperts and Lycon. The reason we use it is because it is specially formulated for sensitive skin and it contains natural herbal ingredients and are not tested on animals. Due to it’s low operating temperature it is suitable for all parts of the body even the most sensitive areas.

Every effort is made to make your waxing treatments as comfortable and efficient as possible. If you have any queries our therapists would be happy to discuss them privately with you.


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