Tips to Getting the Most Out of a Hair and Makeup Service with the Polished Girls

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Good hydrated skin will make your makeup look its best. Do a mild face scrub and put on a hydrating mask twice a week (for 30mins) or sleep in the mask the couple of weeks running up to your event. This will help shed the dead skin cells, to uncover your new fresh skin underneath and the extra hydration from the mask which will help your skin glow and makeup last on the day. On the morning of your appointment arrive to the makeup artist with cleansed and moisturised skin with no eye makeup on and lashes clean. Primer, setting spray will be added to make your makeup last. If you are wearing eyelash extensions or have yumi lashes, lash lift, HD brows done etc we can work around those. Tell our makeup artists any concerns, what you usually like and your skincare routine and any other makeup looks you would like. Bring a photo if you wish. Application of Individual lashes or strip lashes are part of the service. Our artists can guide you on what to choose. They are safe and suitable for all ages, young and more mature, are very natural looking and will make eyes pop and often last a few days, so you will have them for your whole weekend and the after party!


If you are having an upstyle, ghd curls, plaits, boho waves or vintage  wave, arrive with your hair washed “the day before” with no product in it. (If it is very silky or fine dont condition it).
These tips are just a guide to preparing yourself. If you know what works best for your hair and skin go with your usual routine and let our professionals polish you to a stunning exterior.

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