Spray Tan

We don’t accept orange hands or feet, we love a natural tan! You’re in good hands with Fiona and the Polished team for the ultimate spray tan. We have road tested over 20 spray tans to bring you the best ones. Whatever the occasion, whatever the location, we will provide the look. Learn More

Whether you going to holidays or to a Debs Ball, a flawless tan is a necessity. We provide the look but the preparation before is in your hands. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturise your body well. This means polish your skin to perfection with a shower sponge and shower gel or use body scrub on slightly damp skin. The 24hrs leading to the tan make sure not to use any moisturizing creams on you face or body as they will hinder the tan. We will take care of the rest. Learn More: Skincare Blog