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All You Need to Know About Spray Tans!

wx6ip5q8We love a natural tan and hate orange hands and feet! Your in good hands with the Polished team for the ultimate spray tan. We have road tested 20 spray tans on the market to bring you the best ones. We love Fake Bake, Crazy Angel, Sudo Tan and Oro Gold.

Please follow guidelines below and wear loose old clothing and flip flops when you come for your appointment.

Before Your Spray Tan

Eyelash Tints, Brow Tints, Shaving, Waxing, Sunbeds, Body Moisturising to occur no less than 24 hours prior to so Tanning. Its advisable to put vaseline over tinted eyebrows, polished nails etc to avoid tan staining them.

The Night Before Your Spray Tan

Exfoliate your body well prior to treatment. This means polish your skin to perfection with a shower sponge and shower gel or use body scrub on dry skin. Work on those elbows, knees, backs of arms! Moisturize after showering using baby oil or body cream. The following morning shower. Do not PUT ANY moisturizing creams on you face or body as they will hinder the tan from taking.

FAQs About Spray Tan

Q: What Spray Tan to Choose?
A:Your Technician will advise you on what is best based on her experience and your skin type. The one thing to remember is what suits one skin may not suit another! A really dark tan will not come out on a pale skinned person. So try out as many as you can if you have a big day coming up. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. It is trial and error unfortunately.

Q:What is Organic Tan all about?
A: A tan manufacturer only has to have 1% of their ingredients organic to actually call their tan organic so beware of that when picking an organic tan. We love Rockstar Tan and Tan Organic for both colour and because they have the highest Organic content on the market at 95%. Pregnant women can have either organic or non-organic (as it does not pass into babys system)rockstar tan

Organic tans should cut down the risk of allergies if you have sensitive skin but all tans have different ingredients and formulations so you never know what will suit you! So my advice is if you have time to try different organic tans if you have very sensitive skin a month or so before to see what suits you.. If it is Organic it DOES NOT MEAN it is a lighter colour! Only that it contains some or mostly Organic components.

Q: What are %DHAs?
A: This is the ingredient that reacts with the melanin in your skin that makes you go brown. You would think that a 6% DHA tan would tan very light and a 12% very dark. If you spray a fair skinned person with 6% DHA it may not come out at all and if you spray a dark skinned person 6% may look quite dark. It all depends on how much melanin the persons skin has! Confused? But generally the higher the %DHA the darker the tan (for the dark skinned person that is but for the pale skinned stick to something your therapist recommends). Also tan application depends on how good the technician is and the machine she is using. From my experience just try as many different tans as you can, make sure you see yourself in daylight the next day after a light shower and then judge for yourself.