Polished Rejuvanating Manicure

uoicm7r4Regular monthly manicures ensure healthy nails. Manicure ensures beautiful cuticles and soft nourished hands. This treatment includes nail analysis, hand soak and exfoliation, excessive cuticle removal, hand masque with heated towels, hand massage, nail shape, buff and polish and cuticle conditioning and is 40-60mins long depending on if you opt for a polish or not.

Mini Manicure

This manicure treatment is ideal for hands that just require a tidy up-where no cuticle work is needed-includes nail analysis, hand massage, nail shape, buff and polish and cuticle conditioning. 40mins

RETAIL: Home Manicure Kit-Includes cotton gloves, grapeseed antioxidant oil and nail strengthener €15. We also retail nail files, CNDs Solar Oil, Young Nails Rose Oils and Nailtiques Protein Formulas 1, 2, 2+ and 3 for brittle to excessive problem nails.

Polished Spa Pedicure

244zf17tRegular pedicures ensure healthy nails and cuticles and soft supple feet. We don’t do such a thing as a mini pedicure-you either need a full pedicure or you don’t! Our pedicure treatment involves the works – foot and nail analysis, foot spa soak and exfoliation, removal of dead skin, excessive cuticle removal, foot massage, nail trim, shape, buff and polish and cuticle conditioning-a real treat for feet! 1 full hour of toe curling bliss! Callous Peels Extra €10 or Shellac Polish Extra €15

FAQs About Nails

Q: Isn’t Filing ‘back and forth’ bad for my nails?
A:Filing ‘back and forth’ is actually safe for the nail as long as you are using a 240 or higher grit file. You can buy one from us or any salon services shop or pharmacies.

Q: Shouldn’t I remove all nail polish/hardeners frequently to allow my nails to breathe?
A: Nails are made of dead keratin-they don’t breathe! Everything from a base coat to a nail enhancement will protect the nail from the environment and help them from becoming dehydrated. However nails need oxygen and sunlight to prevent yellowing so remove all products from nails from time to time.

Q: Isn’t acetone based nail polish remover bad for your nails?
A: Acetone based removers are more effective in removing all traces of nail polish than non-acetone removers, they strip more from the nail so yes they can be more drying whereas non-acetone remover evaporates slower and often leaves a gum finish but they don’t do as good of a job. I recommend using non-acetone remover to remove polish from nail extensions (gel-nails etc) and if using nail polish regularly on your own nails use non-acetone remover as its kinder to your nails.But you can use acetone based ones now and again if you are an occasional polish wearer.

Q: Doesn’t shaping toe nails square prevent ingrown nails?
A: Actually if the nails are too square sharp corners can drive into the skin in tight or pointed shoes. Always trim corners of nails to 45 degree angle and smooth into a rounded shape. If you have a tendency to get in grown toenails my advice is to scrape the centre of the toe nail with a blade this will tell your toenail to grow to in the fill the gap made by the blade first instead of your nail growing in at the sides and causing you pain. It works wonders try it!