Gut health wellness is one of the fastest-growing wellness trends. 

The benefits of improved gut health are better digestive health, feelings of well-being, more energy, less fatigue, less anxiety, depression, improved sleep, less brain fog, more focus, less dysfunctional cravings, more satiety post meals, weight loss, reduction in allergies, fungal infections, sinusitis and other immune system conditions.

Fiona Brady – Gut Health Specialist

fiona gut health

Fiona Brady is a Sligo-based gut health specialist who has studied this field for many years after she herself suffered from poor gut health which is now completely resolved.  

Fiona has a degree in microbiology and previously worked professionally as a microbiologist for a major pharmaceutical company.

For the past ten years, Fiona has run her own health and beauty clinic in Sligo and has now diversified into the treatment of gut-related health conditions due to the demand for her knowledge in this area. Gut-health wellness is Fiona’s passion, combining her microbiology, nutrition and gut health expertise and knowledge to help others that are suffering.

For many people, the stresses of modern living mean people aren’t sleeping well, people are stressed out and immunity is top of mind. Fiona can help diagnose and treat these symptoms by prescribing short-term dietary changes, supplements and herbs to restore you to a happier, healthier self.

Polished Gut-Health Services: 

  • Bacterial or yeast overload tests
  • Food intolerance assessments
  • Consultancy on how to change the mix of bacteria in your gut for optimal weight-loss.

Consultation Costs

  • Gut Health Consulting for Acne/IBS/ Digestion Issues/Fullness/Food Intolerance/Reflux/including diet and medication/supplement review, fodmap tutorial, nutrition advice and ordering of testing: 
    • €150 per hour (2-2.5 hours expected for an initial appointment)
    • 2nd and 3rd appointment: one hour expected at €100.
    • €250-300 for 2-2.5 hours is expected for the initial appointment.
    • 2nd and 3rd appointment 1-3 months later 1 hour expected €100. Every additional half hour will be charged €50.
    • Free telephone consultation at 6 and 9 month to assess progress. It takes time to regrow the microbiome so each client must commit to this in order to get the best chance of progress.
  • SIBO / Mycotoxin/ Urinary Organic Acids/ Candida/ 93 Foods Sensitivity testing: €100- €300 per test