Looking for Gel Nails In Sligo? What gel nails are suitable for me?

Here you’ll find explanations of the different types of gel nails available and why they are different..Gel Nails have been around for many years, I trained as a nail technician 9 years ago and have a lot of experience and have solutions for all your nail problems, make an appointment with me in my salon in carney, co sligo to find out more. Heres a little bit of background knowledge.

Gel Nails Sligo

Gel Nails Sligo

Gel nails have gotten bad press in past due to badly trained technicians doing damage to clients nails or clients themselves ripping nail enhancements off their nails without returning to salon get them removed or filing them off safely.  If you are looking for immediate results without waiting for your nails to

Gel Nails in Sligo

Gel Nails in Sligo

grow then gel nails are the answer. You will be advised on the best look for your needs and lifestyle. With gel nails you are making the commitment to have your nails re-filled every 2-4 weeks depending on how fast your own nails grow out as they have to be filed off to be removed. It is a treatment whereby nails are first lengthened by sticking plastic tips onto the nail plate. We also do sculptured nails. These we do without tips (if we feel you nails are more suited to them or are too senstive. We build up a tip of gel on a cone and blend it to your nail bed and then add the usual gel over. ) A series of gels are applied with curing under a UV lamp between each stage followed with buffing to give a flawless natural finish and finished with top coat gel to shine and protect. Gel Nails cannot be guaranteed if nails are badly bitten or if you have bulbous fingertips (from biting). 53hw01ppTo remove them they have to be filed off and or soaked in acetone. The skill of the technician is vital in getting a good set of nails that will last 2-3 weeks before they need re-filling.

Nowadays there are numerous gel products and gel based products on the market. In our menus we use the term “Gel Overlay” to explain that in this treatment gel is applied over the Natural Nail ONLY. No tips are applied. These products are not as hard as gel nails they are more flexible. They last 2-3 weeks. They are brilliant because you can soak them off in 15 minutes at home with the remover kits or get them removed in salon.

At Polished we specialise in nails and we do 3 Gel Types as well as manicures and pedicures:

Gel Overlay

Gel Overlay is a traditional gel like above but without applying the plastic tips–plus has to be filled off. Is suitable if a clients nails are long enough not to require a tip. IE: Unbitten with a little bit of growth.

Shellac/Gelish 2 Week Polish

po53cq6hAre you tired of nail polish that chips the day after its done? Then you’ll love this product. It is a mixture of gel and polish in a bottle.That is why it looks like varnish but performs like gel. It goes on like a polish on natural nails, cures under a UV lamp between coats, lasts like a gel, does not lift or soften, can be soaked off in 15 minutes-and lasts up to 2 weeks! We recommend this for holiday/wedding nails and toes. Available in french or 20 different colour combinations-Our treatment price includes cuticle push and nail file and buff.

Bio Sculpture Gel

t4whsulbWe recommend this product for busy professionals, hard working mums and those that want their nails looking good year around or brides as nails last maintenance free for 3-4 weeks. It can be worn for months on end without damage to the natural nail as one component is a nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. The second component is a series of gels that is applied onto the prepared nail and cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish. Best of All it soaks off in 15 minutes. It is the Only Nail Gel with a 5 Star Safety Rating. Bio Sculpture Gel available is in Clear, French and many Colours! It is my favourite gel nail product. We recommend you try both Soak-Off products to see which you prefer as they both look slightly different and last different for different clients. We will advise you which to go for if you have only time for one treatment.

The MOST FAQ on GEL Nails! Q: Iv heard Gel nails ruin your natural nails!

A: They only damage your nails if you apply force to pull the tips/gel nails off (when they have grown out) instead of filing them off carefully! or getting them taken off by a technician. A badly trained technician can also ruin your nails so be careful who you choose! We have the most fabulous nail tech working with us. Today’s nail enhancements are light, safe and protective. They protect your nail from everyday eventualities. Gel nails grow out with the natural nail and require refilling every 2-4 weeks. However nails need oxygen and sunlight to prevent softening and yellowing. If gel nails are left on for months on-end nails will seem weaker because they are softer..so my advice is remove gel nails from nails from time to time.


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