Feather Stroke Lasting Brows – AKA Embrowdery or Eyebrow Cloning

I have introduced “Feather Stroke Lasting Brows” aka Eyebrow Cloning to my salon. I am the only certified person doing this in the North West Of Ireland. I trained with the Master EmBrowderiest Elaine McParland in Up To My EYes in Greystones, Co Wicklow. This is where Lorraine Keane, Rosanna Davidson and all the celebs get their brows done. I am priveleged to have made it to their “specialist list”. See http://www.embrowdery.ie/specialists/. It took many many hours of practice to get where i am today. I have finally found my niche in life and in beauty. I adore transforming brows and I would be delighted to discuss any aspect of the treatment with you in private. I am based in Drumcliffe, Co Sligo. A consultation and Patch test MUST be carried out at least 1.5 hours prior to treatment and all consultations are free. This service is available by prior appointment only. Total cost is €300 spread over 3 payments. €200 month 1, €100 month 2, Complimantary service, month 3. Top Ups €100 9-12 months, €120 18 months plus. Above from recent clients who had embrowdery done with me in sligo in November 2017. Getting Lash Extensions done also means that you can wake up without makeup. See more below on eyelash extensions. They take 2 hours to do.


This is not the same technique as semi permanent eyebrow tattooing that done with an oscilating needle and a machine. It is not the same as Embroidery or Microblading techniques that are cheaper services and starting to appear in beauty salons. These treatments cut down into the skin, causing pigment to be placed much deeper into the dermal layer. Placing pigment into the dermal layer puts ones immune system into overdrive, this causes the body to work extra hard to remove the pigment (as it sees it as a toxin) so patching of colour overtime can often occur with these other treatments. Embrowdery on the other hand is a very natural looking way of introducing pigment to the very upper layers of the epidermis in the eyebrow with a hand held tool (not a machine), This does not cause trauma to your immune system. It can cope with pigment in the surface epidermis. This  creates natural hair like strokes to recreate brows where you have lost hair through hormonal changes, illness, overplucking, cancer or alopecia or simply if you were born with thin irregular shaped brows and simply want a new shape. The treatment is not permanent. As you age every 2 years you will need your brow shape adjusted and possibly a colour change too so a top up is recommended every year for best effect.

Here are some photos of my work- before and after.

Before Embrowdery on lady in her early 50s. Below see After Embrowdery and I did her Makeup too!



What to EXPECT?

1-1.5 hours are spent initially designing the brow that suits you and your face shape. Then the treatment will take 45 mins – 1 hour per brow. So allow up to 3.5 hours for the 1 pass. Your eyebrows sometime can look a bit too dark after the 1 treatment like pictured right below.

Immediatly After 1st Pass. Brows will be too dark for 3-7days until they heal

Immediatly After 1st Pass. Yes Brows are really DARK but this fades in a week!

This is normal and not an indication of the final result. The results are not immediate but the appearance of the 1st Pass fades 30%-70% after 4-7 days. You must apply Vaseline every few hours for the first 5 days. This is to aid healing. The macrophages in your immune system bring the pigment into your lymphatic system and excrete it over time and you must leave 21-28 days between the 1st and 2nd treatment to allow adequate time for colour to be processed by the body.

You will be left with only a trace of the strokes after the 1st pass and after a week you can go back to pencilling your brows in until your 2nd apt. It is important not to scratch, use glycolics, sunbeds, go swimming or use any other irritants near the eyebrow during the first 4 weeks post treatment. Your brows will not be semi-permanent until after your 2nd pass. You will not see your final result till after your 3rd pass which is 3 months later after the initial pass. This is a work in progress. Not a quick fix.

The 2nd Pass results will show me what your skin tone is like, and allows time to prep a suitable colour to better match your skin tone. Also the shape will be tweaked at pass 2. Up to 2.5 hours is needed for the 2nd pass. Brows will be darker again after the 2nd pass as there is already pigment in the skin from the first pass so it will appear denser. Again apply Vaseline afterwards for 5 days every 3 hours. They will heal and fade again after 4-7 days but you will be left with a much more pleasing lasting brow. Again the result is not fully indicative of the end look.

The final and 3rd pass will take place 4-6 weeks after pass 2 and this really puts the finishing touches to the brow and finalises the shape and colour and ensure a semi permanent finish. Allow 1.5 hours for this treatment. Voila-You will have Incredible Brows that LAST 1-1.5Years 😉 . Sun, Glycolics, AHAs etc will fade the brows. So avoid using on brow area full stop and ensure you wear SPF 50 when lying out in the sun.

Call me Fiona 086-8439979 if you have further queries or to book a patch test and consultation.