Brows & Lashes

Length and Volume! The two magic words when it comes to fabulous lashes. Lash extensions, tinting, perming, false and strip lashes are just a few of the numerous styles Fiona excels at.

Eyebrows define and open up your entire face. Waxed or shaped? Embrowdery? Brow Tinting or HD Brows? Fiona will help create the ideal look. Learn More

Get your perfect look. Tinting, Perming, Myscara, Embrowdery these are just some of the services Fiona excels at. If your lashes are naturally blond or brown, getting them tinted and permed will make your eyes stand out and define your face. No need for eye makeup. Have you ever tried MySCARA? A blend of different powders that form into flexible rubberised fibres that contain black pigments which when coated over the eyelashes adds volume, length and is waterproof. Learn More: Beauty Blog

Embrowdery is a very natural looking way of introducing pigment to the very upper layers of the epidermis in the eyebrow with a hand held tool (not a machine), This does not cause trauma to your immune system. It can cope with pigment in the surface epidermis. This  creates natural hair like strokes to recreate brows where you have lost hair through hormonal changes, illness, overplucking, cancer or alopecia or simply if you were born with thin irregular shaped brows and simply want a new shape. The treatment is not permanent. As you age every 2 years you will need your brow shape adjusted and possibly a colour change too so a top up is recommended every year for best effect. Learn More: Embrowdery