This is a personal health story I am sharing to help my fellow women. It is Crazy to think how something as simple as breadsoda figured out a lifetime of health problems!

Do you suffer with Bad Skin Maybe Adult Acne? Are you in your 30s or 40s? Bad Scalp Maybe Dandruff? Other Skin issues?

Do You have a good diet and are taking the recommended vitamins but are not seeing the results?

Did you ever think that this may be because of poor absorption in your gut? That you are not absorbing the vitamins and minerals in your food? Those vitamins that help resolve these issues naturally?

Do you have Digestion Issues? Example you can’t eat late at night? Hate eating out? Or wake up at 5am? You are having poor sleep, wired at night? and your not stressed and can’t figure out what’s wrong?.

Maybe you have ” LOW STOMACH ACID”? Whats this?

Maybe your body isn’t digesting or absorbing your food properly. (This health problem is the opposite of the likes of GERD or Indigestion, Heartburn etc that is often related to too much stomach acid). I had almost a decade of poor sleep. Two decades of acne. No GP or Consultant was able to get to the bottom of my issues. When i think of all the vitamins, probiotics I took that I now realise i probably wasnt fully absorbing. Thanks to functional medicine Dr Patrick Magovern in Drummartin Clinic, Goatstown in Dublin he spotted my digestive problems straight away (aswell as being the best doctor I have ever seen. His knowledge of the biochemistry of the human body, mental health and womens hormones is outstanding.) See

Try this SIMPLE TEST to see if your stomach is producing enough acid. It is called “The Burp test”.

Method: Stir a 1/4 teaspoon of bread soda in 8 oz cold water and and swallow all first thing in morning. Set your stopwatch, if you dont “belch loudly” within 3 mins you may have low stomach acid.  This means you are not digesting, or absorbing food well. Small burps dont count. or any burps after 3mins.

Use bread soda not BAKING POWDER. Bread soda has a type of reaction with your stomach acid (if its there in suitable amounts). That will cause you to do a big burp. You may need a tablet supplement of 2+ 650mg betaine hcl capsules per meal and digestive supplements with every meal to help the issue. I need 2-6 betaine hcl and 2 digestive enzymes every meal to make enough acid to digest my food. My next step is to check if i have H. Pylori with an endoscopy, start a elimination diet to give my system a rest, and then figure out what i can eat, start probiotics etc. It will take the next 6 months to get better.

Improving my stomach acid has also helped me with weight loss i think as i am maintaining my goal weight with a good diet and walking, some light weight lifting. Now i take my skin vitamins and probiotics knowing I am getting their full benefit. I have less bags under my eyes cause I am finally getting restorative sleep at night (when my little people arent wakening me up) and my digestive system is at rest at last. Here to a healthier gut microbiome at last.

My lifes work is to help support, treat, empower and inspire women through beauty. It is my passion to solve clients skin troubles.  Just wanted to share this with you. Please note Vitamins work for many health issues but only at the right dose. Only a nutritionist can prescribe higher doses. The dose you pick up in a chemist is mainly too low to effectively treat any health condition. I am not a Doctor just a nuitrition nut! Always follow the advice of you Healthcare Professional.

Love Fee xx

Fiona Brady, Beauty & Skin Therapist, Owner & Founder of 0868439979